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                    What we do is how we live.

                    Core Team

                    Dr. Yazan Hijazi
                    The Transformation Alchemist

                    Dr. Yazan Hijazi holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with 13 years experience leading multi-million dollar projects resulting in propriety technology for the US Air Force, Seagate Technologies, and the US N...

                    Jeffrey H Watts
                    The Business Catalyst

                     Jeffrey is a best-selling author that doesn’t just write about transformation – he lives and breathes transformation every day. He has served as an  Executive Mentor, Business Acce...

                    Carol Talbot
                    The Breakthrough Guru

                    Carol has a rare ability to see a deeper perspective within each and every individual allowing her to create a blueprint of action steps to move people and organizations forward. This makes the process of gro...

                    Sandiana Ah King
                    The Insight Facilitator

                    Sandi is the founder and managing partner of Right Insight, which has partnered with Human Engineering to deliver solutions based on the Emergentics tools. As a Certified Emergenetics Expert...

                    Our DNA

                    Our Philosophy

                    Embed & Empower.

                    Business is about people.

                    Businesses live in ecosystems.

                    Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

                    New paradigm requires new thinking.

                    Strive for greatness.


                    Our Principles

                    Authentic leadership & Integrity.

                    100% Responsibility & Accountability.

                    Mindset has biggest impact on results.

                    Co-create & Include.

                    People-Centered Leadership.

                    Start with self.

                    Our Approach

                    Deep Listening & Engagement.

                    Top-down then Bottom-up.

                    Management by Objective/Result.

                    ROI based Delivery.

                    Bespoke by Design.

                    Delivering Transformation.

                    Discover ... Transform


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