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                    Business Transformation, Differently
                    part science, part art, all human

                    Your leadership and culture can't be copied, everything else can.
                    Our solutions center around your people, and encompass the entire ecosystem of your organization. We seamlessly integrate agile strategy and innovation with leadership, culture, brand, talent development and performance to deliver future growth and sustainable results.


                    Extraordinary is a Mindset

                    Transformation is a Journey

                    Signature Journeys

                    We love the Journey metaphor because it is a reminder that organizational transformation does not happen overnight, and that each journey is unique.

                    We are not here to sell you canned processes and worn-out best practices. At Human Engineering  we co-create with you an evolving ecosystem that enables you to reach your objectives for market share, revenue and profit growth more decisively, while reducing the risks to success.

                    In essence this is a people conversation of aligning values, talent, culture, and strategy with the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the organization.

                    Engage with us to co-design a journey fitting your exact needs.

                    Journey Overview

                    Our experience and decades of research demonstrate that extraordinary results come from change in mindset, while biggest point of impact starts at the level of senior leadership, which then ripples across the entire organization.

                    Our agile and scalable framework addresses three dimensions: High Performance Teams, Innovation Capacity and Transformative leadership with embedded transformation at the level of Self, Team and Organization. Depending on the scope and needs your journey may address any combination of these dimensions or just one of them.


                    Journey Approach

                    Contextualized to business challenges / Culturally Mindful / Measurement Driven / Results Focused

                    Our Journeys are typically 90-day engagements, and they are project-based with clearly defined and dynamically measured objectives. This unique approach ensures clarity of deliverables, and that the learning and insights are applied to real challenges or improvement areas within the business, and are therefore dynamically embedded as organizational learning. This also means that the time and effort of senior leadership is effectively leveraged so there is no down time as is common in conventional development programs. 

                    The Journey is driven and informed by both leading (or enabling) objectives, as well as lagging (or outcome) objectives that positively impact  areas of Leadership Development, Business Model & Process Optimization, Organizational Learning, Team Building, Culture Design, Hiring & Onboarding among others.


                    Journey Elements

                    Scoping & Co-Design Phase with 360° Assessments
                    Emergenetics® Individual/Team Profiles & Report
                    Experiential Workshops
                    Facilitation Sessions
                    Review Checkpoints
                    Personalized Journey Workbook
                    Pre/post Qualitative & Quantitative Assessments
                    Embedding & Sustainability Plan
                    Insights Outcome Report

                    Additional Options: Coaching & Mentoring, Team Building Day, Breakthrough Event.


                    Plans don't develop people, experiences do.

                    Transformative Experiences

                    Learn the alternative mindsets & agile strategies of extraordinary success.

                    Our experiential workshops unfold across a number of destination stops, each embodying a limiting mindset or factor that produces in-the-box thinking. These are then upgraded with enabling mindsets, strategies & tools that un-box thinking & unleash genius potential.

                    Transform the way you run your business & life.


                    High Performance X-Teams

                    Learn the art and discipline of building, nurturing and sustaining high performance teams.

                    Using our High Performance X-Team framework we help you adapt and fine-tune seven high performance dimensions that will supercharge your team with high-octane fuel; while increasing alignment, engagement and the sense of well-being.

                    Heart of the Leader™

                    Leadership is about who you are being, not what you are doing. It requires authenticity and courage to commit to the inner journey: From Head to Heart.

                    Transformative Leadership creates sustainable value and meaningful work, and delivers a unique competitive edge that can't be replicated through organizational re-design, process innovation or business model optimization. Transformative Leadership is not an event, it is an on-going evolutionary conversation. Leaders who fail to upgrade their leadership capacity will at best lead stagnant organizations, or be replaced by those who do.

                    This is an opportunity to clarify and tune into your Heartset, upgrade your Mindset, expand your perspectives and adopt cognitive tools and strategies to lead and deliver results beyond imagined limitations.


                    Rapid Business Results™

                    Learn the things they should have taught you in business school but didn't.

                    Using the Business Model Canvas and our Test-to-Market Micro-Strategy framework you will identify and unlock high-value growth areas. You will develop a deeper understanding of your business from an ecosystem perspective, while having a systematic approach to rapidly test, vet and validate new business model configurations and ideas. 

                    Innovate to WOW

                    The jury is in: Companies that don’t innovate will be disrupted by those who do.

                    In a fast changing world where business models are increasingly commoditized, innovation is a necessity not a luxury. And it does not require huge R&D budgets or extravagant consulting engagements.

                    It is much simpler than that. Innovation is a process not an outcome. It is an attitude of doing more with less, while continually seeking improved future states.

                    We use Human Centered Design as a scalable  framework, enabling you to innovate on products, processes, business & management models. We show you how to uncover the unspoken needs that delight customers, create sustainable differentiators and keep your stakeholders happy.

                    Let us teach you the art and know-how of WOW!


                    Getting to Yes!

                    In one sense everything in life is a sale. Learn how to move people from No, through maybe, to Yes!

                    Using cutting-edge findings from neuroscience and positive psychology, and borrowing on the best techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and interest-based negotiation, you will learn a powerful framework for how people communicate and make decisions.

                    And you will develop skills to quickly build rapport, and positively influence people towards action in an authentic way that creates win-win engagements.


                    The Edge™ of Business Creativity

                    Companies that foster creativity achieve higher revenue growth, and command market leadership position with a higher market share than competitors.

                    Creativity is one of the most under utilized resources an organization has, and passing on the opportunity to nurture a culture of creativity and collaboration is like shooting one’s self in the foot.

                    Our context-aware action-driven approach to creativity allows individuals to discover and activate their creative intelligence, and provides teams with practical tools and frameworks to tie creative output to business objectives and to clear action plans.

                    Emergenetics® - Revealing Brilliance, Driving Results

                    Emergenetics®  is an evidence-based assessment tool grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology. It is rooted in the concept that how you engage with the world today is the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences.

                    The Emergenetics® profile accurately identifies four thinking styles and three behavior patterns that people use regularly. These represent a framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to leadership, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

                    We use the Emergenetics® profile to illuminate the brilliance of individuals, and provide leaders with an effective way to tap into the superpowers of their teams to maximize engagement and performance. Furthermore, through the Emergenetics+ mobile app, powerful insight into your team's dynamics, strengths, and blindspots is at the tip of your fingers. This is team building at the next level!

                    Fired-up Breakthrough Events

                    Break through your imagined limitations.

                    Firewalks have been practiced for centuries by cultures all over the world as a ritual of empowerment and spiritual attainment. Firewalking is a life-transforming experience, and a powerful metaphor for dissolving mental barriers that hold you back from your true potential.

                    Many of the world’s leading CEO’s from companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, American Express and Coca Cola regularly use firewalks to motivate, inspire and empower their teams and senior executives to deliver excellence.

                    Bespoke Mastermind Retreats

                    Get out of the boardroom and into the real world!

                    Our artfully and mindfully curated Mastermind Retreats will challenge your current assumptions about what is possible. Will inspire you to rethink your challenges in business and life, and empower you to co-design visionary strategies and winning solutions with your team.

                    All the while you will be indulging in breathtaking scenery, enriching culture, exquisite pampering and holistic workshops.

                    Strategic Blinks

                    Blinks are short facilitated sessions of 1~4 hours focused on discovery & actionable insight.


                    Blinks cover:

                    • Executive coaching & mentoring.
                    • Business model optimization.
                    • Cultural Design.
                    • Talent Development related.
                    • Embedding specific tools & methods.
                    • Creative exploration.

                    Executive Coaching & Mentoring

                    You are already an effective leader.
                    Yet more lies within you.
                    Ready to raise the bar?


                    The minute you stop developing as a leader, is when you start cheating yourself.
                    Stagnation settles & mediocrity creeps in to obscure your brilliance.
                    People get shortchanged as you are not the best YOU.

                    You need a thinking partner, someone not in the game yet sees the playing field with objectivity & insight. Someone that loyally challenges your assumptions, helps you articulate powerful guiding questions, and provides you the support & accountability to pull your performance - and life - from ordinary to extraordinary. Someone who walked the path and knows first hand the challenges that you, and executives like you face. Someone who connects  you to the deepest sources of power and wisdom within you so can truly impact your life and others.


                    The greatest leaders & high performers value a trusted advisor & coach on their side.

                    Great CEO’s such as Larry Page of Google, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Meg Whitman of HP - among many others - know first hand the power of executive coaching & mentoring.

                    The ROI on successful engagements is reported to exceed 5x for every dollar spent.* Increasing personal productivity up to 86% and overall organizational productivity up to 529%, with numerous intangible benefits on the business.**

                    Not surprisingly Executive Coaching is a 4 Billion dollars industry. Fueled by competitive executives driving growth & prosperity.

                    * source: Manchester Inc Study.        ** source: MetrixGlobal Study





                    Who We Coach?

                    Boards and Individual Directors.
                    CXOs and Senior Executives.
                    Executive/Leadership Teams.
                    CEOs and Entrepreneurs.
                    High Potentials & Business Owners.






                    How We Coach?

                    3 Month Minimum Engagement.
                    Short/Long Term Objectives.
                    Mindset / Heartset / Toolset.
                    Coaching Team Approach.
                    Transformation, not Information.








                    Most executive coaches will tell you that your ultimate purpose in an organization is to produce business results. Equally important, we  believe, is having the Freedom, Energy & Time to enjoy the fruits of your smart work, and be the best YOU in all areas of life.

                    Ours is not a conversation of the successful leader who is alienated & burnt out. It is a conversation of extraordinary results coupled with Balance, Prosperity and Fulfillment.

                    We combine business consulting with coaching & mentoring to address short-term objectives, while focusing on long-term transformative goals that fuel your growth as a human being at the leading edge of development.


                    We are differentiated.  Our offering is white-glove designed & delivered by a team of three: Dr. Yazan Hijazi, Princess Noor Bint Asem and the business catalyst Jeffrey H Watts. Ensuring bespoke value of the highest caliber.

                    Our engagements are minimum three months journeys. This ensures results are sustainable. Furthermore, it takes 90 days to overcome the immunity to change, and to permanently embed the new cognitive capacities & deep transformative change you deserve.

                    We work with select clients where there is clear alignment & potential for extraordinary results. You may choose your sessions with any of the three of us. Either way we will work with you as a team, offering you our combined perspectives and essence of our 57 years collective experience in Transformative Leadership, Business Consulting and High Performance Mentoring.

                    The outcome is true growth, embedded transformation and extraordinary results.




                    What to Expect?

                    You will activate your genius roadmap & propel yourself from great to extraordinary.

                    Roadmap includes business & personal themes, specific goals, 360° assessments, challenge areas, growth areas, accelerated learning, measurement & accountability strategy, and desired outcomes.

                    Activities, insight & advice delivered across three dimensions: Business Strategy, High Performance Leadership & Transformative Inner Work. Enabling you to grow your business, your person and your life!

                    This means that in addition to embedding agile strategies, empowering/developing your team, establishing stretch goals, delegating authority and executing action plans, you will expand your Mindset, activate your Heartset and redesign areas of your life for greater fulfillment.

                    Next Steps

                    If any of this resonates or you are simply curious about Your NEXT, then we would love to speak to you.

                    Make use of our no-obligation discovery session.

                    Choose to speak to any one of us, and we will  Explore... Simple!


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